Self-help for depression

Lift up your mood with Uplift

Feeling sad, low or stressed is a common problem, and sometimes we struggle to find ways to feel better. Uplift can help you practise ways to enjoy moments in your day-to-day life, find your strengths and lift up your mood. It may help you cope with stress, depression or anxiety.

Coping with stress, depression or anxiety

Self-help is a big part of positive mental health. If you are feeling down, depressed or hopeless, you can try Uplift as part of your self-care. It is designed to help you to improve your mood. Uplift is not a substitute for existing depression treatment or medical advice.

Improve your mood and find your strengths

It is natural to think about problems and what is not going well but it may be helpful to think about building your strengths, enjoying day-to-day experiences and connecting with your friends, family and community. This might help to improve your mood. 

Taking part in the research

You are invited to use Uplift as part of a research study. All of the information we collect is confidential. The study is being done as part of an educational qualification for a PhD. Read more about the study or contact the researcher, Sophie Walsh, on 07706 678 176 or 020 7540 4380 (ext. 2309) or using the contact us form.